11 Apr 2016

Luci S

The whole team were brilliant. You really are a fantastic team, Vicki Philipoff Settlements is the first settlement agent I have worked with that didn’t make me feel as though I was an inferior being due to not understanding the territory of conveyancing. I felt very comfortable talking with Kylie and Holly and I got a better understanding of what my role was. When Kylie was going on leave, she made very clear handover notes for Holly and Holly ensured she read through them all before Kylie left to make sure she understood where my file was at. Only real professionals would do this. I will be recommending Vicki Philipoff Settlements in fact, I already have. I am impressed. Thank you, you’re a fantastic team and as the saying goes ”It ain’t broke, don’t fix it” , that is the
truth, there is nothing I can see that needs fixing.

Luci S
March, 2015