Special Contract Conditions

You can add extra clauses to an Offer & Acceptance as special conditions. These conditions must be precisely worded to avoid disputes later on. All amendments and any extra conditions should be signed and dated by the Buyer. It is advisable to seek expert advice to ensure that the special conditions are drawn up correctly.

Special Conditions can cover a range of matters such as the need for repairs to be made to the property, to allow for a building inspection or perhaps a termite inspection. A buyer may insert a special condition that requires the Offer and Acceptance form be either accepted or rejected by the seller by a certain date.

Regardless of their type, special conditions need to be in writing.

As your Settlement Agent, it is our responsibility to make sure all special conditions have been satisfied in the specified time frame prior to settlement.

We can assist you with the preparation of your Offer and Acceptance Contract and any Special conditions you may require. Please contact one of our Conveyancing Specialists on 6311 4888 or email info@vickiphilipoff.com.au

These are some examples of special conditions that can be added to Offer and Acceptance Contracts by us if we are appointed by you to prepare an Offer and Acceptance on your behalf. As every situation is unique, these forms are not suitable to be used without professional advice. Vicki Philipoff Settlements takes no responsibility for the use of the forms as they are samples only and must be tailored to each of our clients specific circumstances and requirements. By accessing these sample Special Conditions, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. You have to agree to our terms and conditions before being granted access to our sample documents.

I agree to the terms and conditions before accessing the documents. The documents are samples only and are not to be used for contractual purposes. Vicki Philipoff Settlements has no liability whatsoever if any of the special conditions are used in whole or in part.

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