Strata Titles

In response to Western Australia’s movement towards higher density living – Vicki Philipoff Settlements have Conveyancers with advanced proficiency in strata title subdivisions.

Our Conveyancers specialize in Strata Titles, registration of Strata Title applications, subdividing strata titles and the creation of strata titles. Our Strata specialists are well regarded amongst the Strata Industry; Project Managers, the Western Australian Planning Commission, Landgate, Surveyors and Valuers all find it straightforward to liaise with our strata specialists owing to their experience and capacity in this niche area.

Yet another additional benefit for our clients is our price. We have established systems to easily settle everything from one singular strata title to a large scale strata development – we are able to attend to your needs at very competitive rates. For further information on our specialist strata title services please contact one of our Conveyancing Specialists.

Vicki Philipoff Settlements Perth are members of the Strata Community of Australia WA.

Forms 28 & 29

If you are buying a strata title property, the Strata Titles Act states that you must receive a disclosure statement (Forms 28 & 29) either prior to, or at the time of making your offer to purchase the property. If you have not received the required disclosure information, the law gives you certain rights to avoid the contract. Please contact us if you have any queries. Also when purchasing a strata title property, you are entitled to inspect the records of the Strata Company prior to settlement if you wish.

Tips & Guides

  • The Courts can decide whether a by-law that’s already registered on a Strata Plan has legal gravity? (The sole fact that it’s registered on the Strata Plan doesn’t mean it can’t be challenged, overruled or removed).
  • Unit entitlement can be altered under Sections 15 & 16 & 103H of the Strata Titles Act. An owner can lodge an Application to have their unit entitlement re-assessed in accordance with the capital value.
  • Section 36 of the Strata Titles Act can be utilized in creating a by-law to vary a unit’s levy payments that aren’t in accordance with the unit entitlement.
  • A Management Statement is not “locked in” forever and can be amended much the same way by-laws can be.
  • Sellers should let their Settlement Representative and their Selling agent know if they receive a notice of a Strata meeting before Settlement is completed
  • The Strata Company is not obliged to give any other minutes to a prospective buyer besides the AGM minutes.
  • For more information about Strata Titles please click here for a Guide to Strata Titles from Landgate WA.