Contaminated Sites

If you are buying property that is, or has the potential to be, contaminated from previous land uses, the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) recommends you seek professional advice from an environmental consultant experienced in contaminated site assessments who can undertake an environmental investigation of the property.

If you don’t establish prior to purchase what contamination is present, you may be held responsible for the remediation of the contamination in the future.

If you wish to search all records of suspected contaminated sites reported to DEC, including sites that have not yet been classified, or sites classified as:

  • Possibly contaminated – investigation required;
  • Decontaminated;
  • Not contaminated – unrestricted use; or
  • Report not substantiated

We can submit a Form 2 – Request for a summary of records in respect of land to DEC on your behalf.  The Government Cost of this search is $30.00 for a basic Summary and $300.00 for a Detailed Summary. GST is payable in addition to the search costs. Please let us know if you would like us to attend to searches for you.

Alternatively, feel free to cut the middle man out, and please press on the link below and request the information directly with the Department

Finding information on contaminated sites in Western Australia

The Contaminated Sites Database records information on sites classified:

  • contaminated – remediation required
  • contaminated – restricted use
  • remediated for restricted use

All other reported sites, including those awaiting classification, are recorded on the Reported Sites Register (not available online). You can access this information by submitting a Form 21.16 MB (request for information) to DER. (Fees apply — Basic Summary of Records $30, Detailed Summary of Records $300).

Note: to view the database you will need to have Java installed on your computer.

For further information: please open this link

Under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003 section 68, this disclosure is to be given to a person at least 14 days before the completion of a transaction — in the case of a sale, settlement date; in the case of a mortgage, the date the mortgage is registered; and in the case of a lease, the date the lease is signed. A copy of this disclosure must be provided to the Department of Environment Regulation.

Access the form 6 from here