Subdivision Conveyancing

Whether your need assistance with registering a new Plan of Subdivision, or consolidation of an existing plan with the relevant authorities, our conveyancing specialists at Vicki Philipoff Settlements are best equipped to assist you with all subdivision process requirements.

In response to strong demand and Western Australia’s rapid residential development, Vicki Philipoff Settlements have Conveyancers devoted only to subdividing land and the subdivision process – for commercial and residential subdivision.

Our experienced subdivision conveyancers deal exclusively with subdivision services including:

  • Estimated quotes, registration fees and subdivision costs
  • Liaising with surveyors and valuers to arrange lodging on your behalf
  • Preparing documents for Plan of Subdivision
  • Arranging consent from external parties including planning commissions and Mortgagee
  • Creating green or strata titles, amalgamation and transferring of Titles and Title disposition
  • Monitoring the status of subdivision process and dealings

Property Subdivision Specialists

Because our expert conveyancers are experienced in this niche area of subdivision, we can easily and efficiently take care of liaising with Western Australian Planning Commission, Landgate, Project Managers, surveyors and valuers on your behalf.

An additional benefit for our clients interested in subdivision services is our price. As we have been able establish ourselves well in the industry over the past 15+ years to effect bulk settlements, we can attend to your needs at a competitive rate.

If you’re in need of land subdivision settlement services, or require any further information, contact one of our subdivision conveyancing specialists to discuss your individual requirements today on 6311 4888 or email

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