Apart from their professional and educational qualifications, each and every conveyancer and settlement agent at Vicki Philipoff Settlements Perth is required to keep up-to-date on all industry changes through professional development courses conducted by the Australian Institute of Conveyancers and the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

Vicki Philipoff is the winner of the 2022 Dorothy Peacock Award for outstanding contribution by an individual to the Conveyancing industry.

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Vicki Philipoff

Managing Director

Licensed Settlement Agent

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Vicki Philipoff is a veteran in the Western Australian Settlement Industry. She managed her first files over 30 years ago and went to establish... Read More

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Rianna Davies

Chief Operating Officer & Licensee

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Rianna is a Licensed Settlement Agent in both Property and Business Settlements and has also achieved recognition as an Electronic Conveyancing Accredited (ECA) Conveyancer... Read More

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Katrina Burrow

Chief Executive Officer

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Keeping track of the activities of over 30 people in the largest Independent Settlement Agency in WA is the challenge that Katrina faces every... Read More

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Evelyn Craig

General Manager – Operations

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Evelyn has been in the conveyancing  industry since 2004, and joined VPS as a Senior Conveyancer in 2009, but then took a break from... Read More

Alicia Simpson

Client Relations Conveyancer

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Alicia has been in the conveyancing industry since 2011, completing her Diploma in Conveyancing in 2020 and progressing to a Conveyancer. In her spare... Read More

Ambrose Wong

Administration Conveyancer

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Ambrose graduated with a Bachelor of Legal Studies from Murdoch University at the end of 2016. Following that, he started a part time post-graduate... Read More

Belinda Chivers

Executive Administrator

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Belinda has achieved her Bachelor of Arts in 2012, dabbling in settlements as an Outside Clerk as she progressed her degree. Her keen interest... Read More

Brittany Lloyd

Sales Administrator

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Growing up surrounded by real estate as my father was a sales representative. I quickly took to an admin role in 2011 after graduating... Read More

Caitlin Silas

Administration Conveyancer

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Caitlin is one of our Administration Assistant’s.   Our Admin Assistant’s prepare the legal documents for the Conveyancers, and also physically attend  to completing settlements... Read More

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Carly Lamperd

Licensed Conveyancer

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Carly has been in the conveyancing industry since 2007 where she started her career as an outside clerk, she then progressed to a conveyancer... Read More

Catherine Poland

Administration Conveyancer

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Catherine completed her Diploma of Conveyancing in 2016 after many years in the Conveyancing Industry and is thrilled to return to the VPS team.... Read More

Charlie is a dedicated professional, currently pursuing her Conveyancer License through her studies in the Diploma of Conveyancing in WCPT with Australian Institute of... Read More

Cherry has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Culture, a Bachelor of Business degree in Business Law and a Bachelor of... Read More

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Cheryl Carr

Client Relations Conveyancer

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Cheryl has been in the Settlement industry for over 25 years and is a licensed settlement agent.  Currently working part time, means she can... Read More

With over 16 years’ experience in property settlements, Christy has experienced a lot of changes in the industry.  Christy has a thorough knowledge of... Read More

In 2018, Daneka completed a Certificate III in Business Administration. With extensive experience in administration roles, Daneka found a passion for the Conveyancing industry... Read More

Danielle Wareham

Administration Conveyancer

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Danielle is currently studying a combined Bachelor of Laws and Commerce (Finance) at Murdoch University whilst working for us. Danielle started as an intern... Read More

Georgia Gibbons

Conveyancing Administrator

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Georgia graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Law) from Murdoch University in 2020 and also completed a Certificate III in Legal Administration during her... Read More

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Holly Ramus Nelson

Licensed Senior Conveyancer

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Holly has been a member of the VPS team since 2005. Before VPS, Holly worked in a small settlement agency in Vic Park. Holly... Read More

Jackie Tink

Senior Conveyancer

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Jackie has over 30 years’ experience in settlements having worked in both law firms and banking institutions and has extensive knowledge of Landgate procedures.... Read More

Jane Song

Executive Conveyancer

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Jane graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from Murdoch University at the end of 2020. Jane commenced with Philipoff Legal as an Administration Assistant... Read More

Kacy headshot
Kacy Mazzini

Senior Conveyancer

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Kacy has been with Vicki Philipoff Settlements for over 10 years. She enjoys working with clients to ensure theirs settlements happen smoothly and on... Read More

Katy holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Juris Doctor Degree. Before joining with VPS, she worked in a law firm as a legal... Read More

Kiara Foggin

Administration Conveyancer

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Read More

Kylie headshot
Kylie Capper

Client Relations Conveyancer

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Kylie began working in the settlement industry in 2011 as an Outside clerk.  She has spent 7 years as a conveyancer and now re-joins... Read More

Lee-Ann Bowler

Sales Adminstrator

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Lee-Ann has been in the Banking Industry since 1988. She has an extensive knowledge of banking and finance and a passion to assist clients.... Read More

Lee-Anne commenced at VPS in 2012 and has had over 20 years of experience in the industry. In her spare time she rides her... Read More

Lee headshot
Lee Massey

Senior Conveyancer

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Lee Massey commenced at Vicki Philipoff Settlements approximately 20 years ago. Over the last two decades, Lee has established herself as a Senior Conveyancer... Read More

Leonie has been with VPS since December 2014, mainly working with the Document Preparation area and assisting the Conveyancers. Leonie has a strong background... Read More

Martine Jones

Administration Conveyancer

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Martine Jones has been in the Real Estate Industry since 1985.  Her love for this industry has led her from administration to sales, conveyancing... Read More

Melissa Carrera

Administration Assistant

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Mel recently returned to the Conveyancing Industry after taking a break whilst raising her children. She assists our team with administration tasks. Mel was... Read More

Nadia’s first dream was to become a forensic scientist with the Australian Police Force and to that end, Nadia dedicated many years to achieve... Read More

Sara Hayes

Client Relations Conveyancer

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Sara began her career in settlements in 2018 beginning as a Receptionist then worked her way up the chain from Conveyancing Assistant to Conveyancer.... Read More

Shaun Tan

Administration Conveyancer


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Shaun is currently in his final year of a double degree in Law and Commerce (Accounting major) at Curtin University. Shaun joined Vicki Philipoff... Read More

Tammy Norton

Conveyancing Administrator

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Tammy first started in settlements in 2005 as a legal secretary for a small law firm where she learnt outside work and balancing files.... Read More

Vanessa Moses

Senior Conveyancer

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Vanessa has been with VPS for many years, after a short hiatus from settlements one of our most loved team players is back. A... Read More

After completing his Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal), Zac found his home in the settlements industry working for a financier’s solicitor in Brisbane.... Read More

Zeph Chan

Administration Conveyancer

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Zeph is currently in his final year of study for a combined degree of law and business (accounting) at Murdoch university. Zeph joined us... Read More

Billy Philipoff is originally from Queensland. He was brought to Perth by one of Vicki’s son’s and stayed with Vicki until she could find... Read More