Nadia Giacci


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Nadia’s first dream was to become a forensic scientist with the Australian Police Force and to that end, Nadia dedicated many years to achieve her Degrees in Forensic Biology, in Criminology and also the completion of a postgraduate degree in Forensic Anthropology and Biology.

Following a significant knee injury, Nadia changed up life’s direction and has quickly found a new love in the world of Conveyancing. Initially employed as our Receptionist at Vicki Philipoff Settlements, in no time at all Nadia developed a keen interest in Conveyancing and all facets of the Property Industry. An incredibly intelligent and capable Team Member, Nadia has quickly progressed to the position of Conveyancer in her own right; acquiring the skills and knowledge required deftly and with confidence.

With a keen eye for detail and tenacious organisational skills Nadia is perfectly suited to take on the industry that has captured her attention for a new start. Hard-working, dedicated and always seeking to progress Nadia is a highly valued member of the VPS Team.

Nadia enjoys both playing and watching sports, her favourite by far being Rugby Union, and is an avid reader of almost any literature.