Lee Massey

Senior Conveyancer

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Lee Massey commenced at Vicki Philipoff Settlements approximately 20 years ago. Over the last two decades, Lee has established herself as a Senior Conveyancer held in esteem throughout the industry and a truly invaluable Team Mentor for Vicki Philipoff Settlements. Lee holds extensive knowledge of Farming and Rural property settlements and her regular Regional Agents have proven fiercely loyal to her for it. Lee expertly assists many of our clients in navigating these complex matters on a regular basis. Lee’s compassion is one of her strongest attributes to the company, her mantra is to always provide her clients with a level of service above expectations and you can be assured that Lee’s communication, attention to detail and resilience to overcome any obstacle. Lee’s settlement abilities are on point to help you settle with ease.

Lee is a dedicated motor-sport fan, a proud parent and a regular blood and plasma donor, a vital community service of which we are very proud.

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