Rianna Davies

General Manager

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Rianna is a Licensed Settlement Agent specialising in Multi Unit Development and medium to large Subdivisions who commenced in the Settlement Industry in the year 2000.  Thriving on the pressure that comes with large volume transactions, Rianna assists several of our larger Developers in meeting their unique Settlement needs. Held in high esteem for her professionalism, exceptional organisational skills and keen attention to Contract Detail, Rianna represents her clients with confidence and integrity. Rianna is our Group General Manager with a strong belief in Team spirit, working closely with all Staff to achieve the best work/life balance possible and with consideration to one’s individual circumstance.

A lover of good wine, great food and her two adorable young boys, Rianna is very proud to be part of a firm that places great value on the importance of Family First, truly integrating this ethos into every facet of the company

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