Vicki Philipoff

Managing Director

Licensed Settlement Agent

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Vicki Philipoff is a veteran in the Western Australian Settlement Industry. She managed her first files over 30 years ago and went to establish her first Settlement Agency in 1986. She established Vicki Philipoff Settlements in 1999, which has shown the same characteristics of outstanding service and rapid growth.

Apart from her unmatched knowledge of everything to do with conveyancing, Vicki has the distinction of having been one of Australia’s youngest council mayors (and certainly the youngest female mayor). She became mayor of Bassendean at the age of 30, after serving a term as councillor.

Vicki’s background in conveyancing is complemented by extensive hands-on property development experience. She has been involved in projects all over Perth, and is an expert on the strata subdivision process. As a member of numerous professional bodies, Vicki is also the ideal expert to answer your questions on a broad range of property related issues.

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