12 Jan 2023

Upcoming Abolition of Duplicate Certificate of Title – Title deeds

When a transfer of a property takes place, the buyer may be entitled to a duplicate Certificate of Title (Title Deed) if they have paid “cash” for the property. In other words, if the Bank has not registered a mortgage against the property.

It is currently up to the buyer to choose whether they receive the Title Deed, or they can choose a Non-issue Title, which means a duplicate has not been produced or issued.

As of August 2023, we are informed that Landgate will be removing this option and the Owner of the Property cannot request a duplicate Certificate of Title/Title Deed. According to Landgate, this will streamline their processes.

So the only way the owner of the property can confirm they own their property is by contacting Landgate and ordering a Title Search of the property, which will show the current registered proprietors details.

More information about the amendments to the Transfer of Land Act 1893 is available on Landgate’s website. Additional resources will be added to the website closer to August 2023.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.