Track Your Settlement With Ease

Our online tracking facility, Webtrack allows our clients to monitor the progress of their conveyancing transaction online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be issued with a User Name and Pass Word when appointing us to act for you.

We are at your service
24 hours a day

Now you can follow your settlement just like “match of the day!”

It’s live. It gives you instant results. And you know exactly where the ‘ball” is at all times!

It’s our exclusive live access settlement system that lets you keep track of exactly what’s happening with your settlement at any time of the day or night.

We want to alleviate as much frustration as possible for people when buying or selling a property.

It’s a lengthy process and sometimes clients feel they’re not in the loop even thought it’s their money.

That’s why we’ve spent two years developing an electronic ‘Backstage Pass’ to our Settlements System.

So, no matter what whether youre a Real Estate Agent, Finance Broker or the Client, you’ll have special access to the settlement process so you can see exactly what stage it’s at.

So if your Conveyancer is on the phone or its 3am in the morning and you want to know what stage the settlement is at you simply log on and get an answer.

This is great news for agents and brokers because you can keep your client up to date with the progress of their settlement which makes you look good.

And if the buyer or seller or lender is holding things up – for example, by not returning papers promptly – you can make a quick phone call to find out what the hold up is and get things back on track.