11 Aug 2021

Completing a land title transfer as an international buyer or seller during COVID-19

Vicki Philipoff Settlements understands how difficult it can be for clients to arrange a transfer of land and property whilst living out of state or overseas. Even during the simplest of times, miscommunication and procedural issues can potentially stall the progress of such a transfer. As we come to terms with the challenges posed by the current global pandemic, Vicki Philipoff Settlements have been adept at navigating and fulfilling the strict witnessing requirements that our international buyers and sellers are subject to.

You can download our comprehensive COVID-19 contingency plan for more information regarding a transfer in land titles.

For client specific advice and information regarding how to initiate and complete a land title transfer as an overseas buyer or seller, please contact Vicki Philipoff Settlements at 08 6311 4888 or email us your enquiry at info@vickiphilipoff.com.au

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