27 Mar 2017

Conveyancing 101: Property Settlement Explained



Purchasing a property is an exciting, albeit lengthy, process. Whether you’re new to the property market, or you’re a seasoned investor looking to make your next purchase, hiring a knowledgeable Settlement Specialist is essential.

Having your offer accepted by the current homeowners, or getting the go ahead to purchase your new block of land is just the beginning, there’s still a multitude of legal and financial formalities to sift through before you officially take ownership of the property. This is where your conveyancing choice becomes important.

What is Conveyancing?

In a nutshell, conveyancing is a legal process where a property/land title is transferred from the seller to the buyer. This process is usually comprised of three stages: before contract, contract to settlement and after settlement.

Your conveyancing specialist will protect your rights under the property agreement and will make sure the sales process is as smooth as possible.

Some of the actions a conveyancing specialist will undertake include:


  • Reviewing the contract
  • Deal directly with lenders on your behalf
  • Prepare land title transfer forms
  • Make sure stamp duty fees have been paid
  • Arrange a suitable time and date for settlement
  • Calculate the applicable settlement figures
  • Attend settlement on your behalf
  • Notify the relevant authorities of the transfer of ownership title

Essentially, your Conveyancing Specialist will take care of all of the legalities, so all you’ll really need to do is sign on the dotted line.

 Why Do You Need a Conveyancing Specialist?

 When it comes to property sales, everyone has their own interests in mind – but who’s there to protect your interests? Your Independent Settlement Specialist, of course!

Nobody has any financial interest in Vicki Philipoff Settlements, no Real Estate Agents, and no Builders, No Finance Companies. You can be assured that if you have been recommended to us by them, it’s purely because of the excellent service we offer, and of-course, our excellent prices!

Your conveyancing specialist will have a comprehensive understanding of property settlements, as well as any legislation that could impact your purchase. We will navigate the settlement for you and keep you in the loop with what’s happening.

A good conveyancing company will not only know the ins and outs of Western Australia’s property matters, they can also assist with anything to do with heritage listings enquiries, subdivisions and title search requests, to name a few.

As you can see, there’s a lot involved in the settlement of your property, and there’s no one better equipped to handle this crucial stage in your purchase than a conveyancing specialist.

To ensure the purchase of your land or property goes off without a hitch, contact Vicki Philipoff Settlements Perth today!

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