17 May 2018

New VPS staff introduction: Sarah Churchill

This month on the VPS blog, we are introducing our newest member of the team:

Everyone please welcome …. Sarah Churchill!

Sarah has been involved in the conveyancing industry for more than 14 years, starting as a receptionist for a law firm and was able to gain all-around skills and move up the ranks to the role of Conveyancer.

Sarah has recently come from a law firm, where she was the Branch Manager. Sarah has a broad knowledge of residential, commercial and family transfers.

Away from settlements, Sarah is kept busy with her young family, enjoying family holidays and catching up with friends.

Sarah brings with her a great set of skills and some valuable experience which will undoubtedly be a brilliant addition to the team here at VPS.

This week, we caught up with Sarah to ask her a few questions about her past experience, some challenges in the industry, and what she hopes to achieve with VPS in the near future:

What are some of biggest challenges you face in your conveyancing work?

Banks not being ready and therefore unable to meet the settlement deadline. Also increased Government charges. Due to this, clients expect our fees to be heavily discounted. Especially when the industry is converting to electronic settlements and the additional fee for many First Home Owners cannot afford in their budget. Clients think the Government charges are our Agencies fees, but they are not.

What have you found to be the most enjoyable aspect of the industry in your career so far?

Being thankful to meet new clients and helping them through a process which can be very stressful. Buying and Selling a property is a process which involves a lot of communication between myself and the client. I feel rewarded when I can make this process somewhat less stressful for the client, and after the settlement has gone through, hearing the relief and joy in the client’s voice.

What kind of experience do you bring to the VPS team?

I started off as a receptionist in 2004. I have been involved through all aspects in the industry from working as a receptionist, preparing documents, attending settlements, booking and co-ordinating settlements and managing a portfolio. I was appointed a Branch Manager for a law firm, where I monitored a small team and trained office juniors to transition to a Junior Conveyancer role in addition to managing a settlement portfolio. I am a very organised person and thorough person who prides herself on attention to detail and high communication skills.

Why VPS? What excites you about the work that the VPS team is doing?

VPS has a very strong reputable reputation within the settlement industry. I wanted to work for a settlement agent that cares about their staff, is up to date with the latest industry procedures and offers great service to their clients.

What do you hope to achieve in the near future? What can we expect from your joining the VPS team?

I hope to possibly obtain my Licence and eventually return to a Managerial role where I can lead my own team. I will bring my friendly and positive attitude, willingness to work in a team and help anyone if required and professional work ethic. I enjoy having a good a laugh and always has a smile on my face.


So, there you have it!

We are all very excited to have Sarah on board and we are looking forward to seeing her grow and develop in her new role as Conveyancer for VPS!

For more information or to get in contact with Sarah for all your conveyancing needs you can reach her on sarah@vickiphilipoff.com.au. Alternatively, you can contact Vicki Philipoff Settlements on 08 6311 4888 or visit our website.

Headshot of Sarah