10 Aug 2023

Telecommunications in New Developments

Imagine moving into your dream home, full of anticipation and excitement, only to discover that access to modern telecommunications is limited or nonexistent. In today’s interconnected world, access to broadband and voice services is crucial for personal and professional needs. That’s why the Telecommunications in New Developments (TIND) policy guides developers, property buyers, occupants, and telecommunications carriers in ensuring that every new development has a reliable and accessible telecommunications infrastructure.

In this article, we explore the legislative requirements of telecommunications in new estates and how to navigate this crucial aspect of modern living.

Empowering Property Buyers and Occupants

As a property buyer or occupant, we advocate taking the initiative in securing reliable access to telecommunications services in your new premises. Before finalising any property transactions, take the time to investigate whether the developer has made arrangements for the installation of telecommunications infrastructure. By doing so, you can ensure that you will have seamless access to broadband and phone services that align with your needs.

Don’t hesitate to inquire about the telecommunications infrastructure and retail services provided, the responsible service provider, and the estimated availability of services. For further assurances, you can consult the Statutory Infrastructure Provider (SIP) register maintained by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), which lists developments and their servicing telecommunications network providers.

The Developer’s Commitment

Developers are vital to establishing vibrant communities with modern amenities, including telecommunications infrastructure. By providing reliable broadband and phone access in their developments, developers enhance the appeal and livability of their properties. While developers may select any carrier for servicing their estate, NBN Co remains the default SIP for Australia. It is worth noting that carriers, including NBN Co, may charge for infrastructure in new developments.

To comply with legislative requirements, developers are generally responsible for installing fibre-ready pit and pipe infrastructure at their own expense. By meeting these obligations, developers can ensure that occupants have timely access to all telecommunications services while avoiding unnecessary inconveniences and additional costs.

Legislative Compliance for Seamless Connectivity

To promote connectivity and accessibility in new developments, the Australian Parliament has enacted laws mandating developers to arrange for fibre-ready pit and pipe infrastructure installation before selling or leasing building lots or units.

These laws, outlined in Part 20A of the Telecommunications Act 1997 and associated rules, apply to all developers (regardless of their incorporation status). The installed pit and pipe infrastructure should be functional and unobstructed, allowing for the efficient provision of telecommunications services.

Developers may seek exemptions from these requirements in certain situations, such as the availability of pre-existing facilities or specific criteria for developments in rural, bushland, and remote locations. A register of exempted developments is available to ensure transparency and accountability.

Connecting Communities

Central to all communities lies the need for seamless connectivity and communication. The TIND policy serves as a guiding light, empowering developers, property buyers, occupants, and telecommunications carriers to work together in creating connected communities. By proactively ensuring the availability of telecommunications infrastructure in new developments, we can foster an inclusive and vibrant living environment for all.

For further information, please visit the Department of Infrastructure, Transport & Vehicles regarding Telecommunications In New Developments.

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