20 Jul 2011

Advertising with barcodes!?

Seen these funny looking things around the place lately? This is a 2D Barcode used for marketing and advertising. If you have a smartphone e.g. iPhone, try it out:

1. Download a free barcode scanner app from the app store
2. Wave your camera over the barcode
3. You will automatically be taken straight to the VPS website!

VPS is planning on using this technology in some of our future advertising. It’s pretty cool what our phones can do these days! You can link a consumer to whatever URL/Social media source you like. If anyone wants any information about how to make one for their business or anything else, just ask us – it’s free.

The free online generator is easy to use, and you can produce as many as you need: http://barcode.tec-it.com/

Kieran McErlean – Vicki Philipoff Settlements Marketing Manager.