06 Sep 2011

Social Media success in your Business: The Facebook basics. By Kieran McErlean

So why social media? This is a must see video into how social media is taking over the world. Did you know that 40% of Australians have a Facebook account? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFZ0z5Fm-Ng
If you’re setting up a Facebook page for your business you need to look into the reasons behind having it. Start of by asking yourself the questions that make sense:

Why would people visit your page?

What demographic are you targeting?

Why would people return to your page?

Why would people become a fan of your page?

How and why would people go from fans to customers?

Give your Fan what they want! The best way to market your business is to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer, why would YOU visit a business Facebook page? Offer discounts on your products/services to Facebook fans. At Vicki Philipoff Settlements we have a monthly Facebook prize give away. The competition is a low cost strategy (around $50 a month) and it’s very easy to enter which becomes an incentive for the user. Update status to tell your Fans why you’re the company to choose over your competitors.

At VPS we use a “Tag to win” styled competition, why? When you have been tagged in a photo, all the friends in your network can see that tagged photo of you. By getting our fans to tag themselves in our photos, their networked friends will see this too. This is going to have a marketing mushroom effect on the Facebook community between friends. Even when the competition is over people usually will remain tagged in the photos; this is good free marketing for your business. (Remember to place your logo in your tagged picture to increase brand awareness, it makes it easier than reading the description under the picture.)

Why would fans come back to our page? We have new competition and therefore a new prize to win each month. Check out our August competition: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/media/set/?set=a.268911923123447.85575.204311766250130&type=1

You’ve established a fan page but it’s not going anywhere, or you feel like you’re talking to no one? Make sure you have staff/office photos up on your Facebook, for people that aren’t familiar with your business this creates more trust. Show your business isn’t just some made up internet scam. Showing faces gives your business personality – ask any successful Real-Estate Agent how important that is.

Picking your time to post on the news feed is important. If your fan is a fan of other pages, it’s not going to stay on their feed for long! So you want to pick a time to reach your fan, just think when people use Facebook the most 9-11am isn’t usually going to be the most effective in the typical 9-5pm work day. Try posts at 12-2pm during lunch breaks or 6-9pm when people log-in at home.

On your page relevant clear contact information is vital. You don’t want your viewers having to search for a way to contact your business; this is an easy way to make sure you never hear from them!

But how is my business going to get out there? Post your competition on free competition pages like the following: http://www.facebook.com/perthfbcomps#!/perthcompsonfb

Also post on other pages with large fan bases E.g. “I love Perth”, or “Perth real-estate” any page that has a potential fan for you. With Facebook it is so easy to locate your target market fans, so make the most of this. Just don’t bombard/spam though, the consumer can see through this too e.g. Posting your real estate page everywhere possible just to get your name out may not to do much good, rather it can annoy people.

Construct a welcome screen – you can do this with a number of free Facebook applications – Remember you want to tell people why they want to like your page: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.231317056882934.78113.204311766250130&type=1#!/vickiphilipoffsettlements?sk=app_201143516562748

Make effort to use good quality images, not blurry pixelated ones – this looks lazy and unprofessional. Make sure your display picture is clear; this is going to be your first impression to your future fans/customers. We all know the saying about first impressions..

You’re going to get good feedback and eventually you’re going to get bad feedback. Bad feedback doesn’t mean you press the delete button as soon as you see it. Instead Step back relax and try and rectify the situation with a reply, write a comment that is going to help the fan; make their negative experience more positive. People viewing your page will appreciate your effort into fixing the problem; this is customer service at its best.

Remember to be patient you’re not creating a Facebook page with 1000+ fans because you are expecting 1000+ customer, you want people to become fond of your brand, you want a relationship with your Facebook user so that when they come to the day of selecting a product/service your company will already be in the back of their head.

Who is your competition and what are they doing? Don’t be scared to have a look around Facebook at other pages, whether it’s other success story pages, or your direct competitor. Remember to have fun and be creative!

If you want any additional information/an electronic copy with links, have any questions or feedback please email me on Kieran@vickiphilipoff.com.au

Kieran McErlean

Vicki Philipoff’s Marketing Manager.

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