19 Oct 2011

FESA bushfire memos for renters and owners

The recent Keelty Report into bushfires in the Perth hills identified that tenants living in bushfire prone zones were at higher risk than owner occupiers.

As the bushfire season in Western Australia is now upon us, it is time for those at risk to understand the risk so that decisions can be made now about what actions will be taken if a bushfire starts.

REIWA has liaised with FESA to produce two brochures targeted at people at higher levels of risk.

FESA and REIWA request that tenants living in bushfire prone zones be given the brochure ‘Renting and bushfires, are you prepared?’.

The second brochure, ‘How prepared is your rental property for bushfire?’ is targeted at landlords who own an investment property in a bushfire zone.

This third document highlights a ‘list of suburbs’ that are deemed to be bushfire prone.

FESA will be mailing these brochures to agents with offices located in these zones.

This information has been supplied by REIWA and may help to prevent a bushfire and hopefully to save lives.

Bushfire near a house