15 Jun 2011

The First Home Owners Grant Frequently Asked Questions

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My name is Kieran McErlean, I am the Marketing Manager for VPS! This blog will be used to post relevant settlement industry news and information for your benefit, whether you’re actually in the settlement industry, real estate industry or buying and selling property yourself. Here at Vicki Philipoff Settlements Perth we want you to settle with ease. In the past there has been some confusion about the FHOG, so here some frequently asked questions we have received:

How do I apply for First Home Owners Grant (FHOG)?
Your financier will do it for you as part of your loan, however if you are paying cash you need to arrange lodgement with OSR direct. For cash clients the relevant forms & guides can be downloaded from the OSR website and must be lodged before settlement. FHOG subsidised rate of duty will apply however please note your grant will not issue until post settlement.

Can you lodge our FHOG?
No, we are not authorised Agents for FHOG, but we can assist you in preparing and lodging the documentation.

What if I get transferred?
Applicants must occupy the home as their principal place of residence for a continuous period of 6 months, commencing within 12 months of settlement in the case of established properties, or within 12 months of completion in the case of a home being built.

Who do I need to contact to connect the utilities?
Vicki Philipoff Settlements will advise the council and the water corporation, and arrange to have the meter read by the Water Corp. It is you responsibility to contact the relevant agencies for the connection of gas, electricity, telephone & internet.

My parents are gifting me the money to buy the property; can I still get the Grant and Stamp Duty reductions?
Yes you can, but be aware that the FHOG is not paid until after settlement (when the title has gone into your name at Landgate) You can get the reduced rate of stamp duty at settlement.

We are first home buyers, what do we need to put when we don’t have to pay stamp duty?
We advise you to put “N/A – we are first home buyers”

Who lodges my application for the FHOG?
If you are obtaining finance your will bank will lodge the application on your behalf.
If you are paying cash for your property you will need to lodge the application yourself, however the first home owner stamp duty form will be available so stamp duty won’t be payable. The $7000 grant won’t be processed until the tile shows your name and you will need to provide a copy to the State Revenue Dept.

If you have any further questions, or seek advice please don’t hesitate to contact us,
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Kieran McErlean