02 Jun 2011

Yes – Carrying stamp duty still needed!

Vicki Philipoff Settlements offer an innovative stamp duty service. We can pay for your stamp duty up to 7 days before settlement for you and we’ll wait for settlement to be completed before we are repaid! This is a very convenient and much needed service that makes us stand out from the rest in the industry.
Although Vicki Philipoff Settlements is a registered on line user at the Office of State Revenue – we were informed at a recent seminar that our service of carrying stamp duty is very much needed.

We can assist with carrying stamp duty in the following instances:

• Any Transfer under Agency Relationship – or Substituted Purchasers – where it is NOT already disclosed on the Offer & Acceptance

• Deceased Estate Transactions, Transfers pursuant to Wills

• Family Law and Court Order Agreements

• Related Parties Transactions

• Any Commercial Property with a building on it (even if the building is vacant)

• Any Farming Property

• Aggregated Transactions – where 2 or more transactions form substantially

• Simultaneous Put and Call Options

• Any Contract which has a Contingent Consideration – i.e. Where the purchase price is adjustable depending upon certain criteria

• Transfers under Deed of Family Arrangement

Put simply, Vicki Philipoff Settlements takes the risk out of a client being caught short of funds before their settlement.

For more information about our carrying stamp duty service – please contact us

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