19 Jun 2017

Vicki Philipoff Settlements: Doing our Part for the Environment

At Vicki Philipoff, we’re the one and only Settlement Agency to be awarded Environmental certification!   Being one of the leading Conveyancing Companies in Western Australia: we’re also strong believers in doing our part to ensure Western Australia’s environment is maintained for homeowners of the future.

This is why our property settlement office in Perth participates in the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program.

15 years since the program was founded, Cartridges 4 Planet Ark experienced their best year yet, with a whopping 13,550 cartridges recycled every day. This is the equivalent of recycling six residential swimming pools worth of old printer cartridges each week.

In total, the last year has seen roughly 3.5 million cartridges returned, which is enough to produce 4,500 pens or 168,000 rulers from recycled materials.

When printer cartridges are just thrown in the bin, they end up in landfill. This might not sound like a too bigger deal, after all, they’re rubbish right? Wrong. Each printer cartridge can take between 450 and 1000 years to break down in landfill, and the amount of e-waste in Australian landfills is growing at an alarming rate.

When this kind of waste is left to slowly break down, it leaks chemicals into the earth, which can pollute waterways and contribute significantly to Australia’s overall carbon emissions.

Manufacturers of print cartridges and companies across the country are now realising it’s their responsibility to ensure their office waste is recycled responsibly, and Vicki Philipoff Settlements is no exception.

Register your workplace for a free Planet Ark collection box today! It’s quick, easy, and will ensure your empty printer cartridges are being disposed of in a safe, environmentally-friendly way.

Vicki Philipoff Settlements

While we’re doing our very best for our environment, we’re also conducting real estate settlements or transfers between related parties throughout Western Australia, and a range of other essential conveyancing activities. To make your dream of homeownership, or your new investment a reality, or to make the selling process a lot easier, contact Vicki Philipoff Settlements today!

We’re confident we’re the most competitively priced Settlement Agency in the market place…

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Philipoff Legal is an incorporated Legal practice that is associated with Vicki Philipoff Settlements.  Legal Practitioner Director Jolene Ashworth, Non-Legal Practitioner Director – Vicki Philipoff

Planet Ark campaign with Vicki Philipoff