02 Nov 2016


What is VOI?

VOI stands for Verification of Identity. Whenever you’re selling, or transferring property, these steps are put in place to help protect the parties involved from the risk of land title fraud. In particular, Western Australian state laws require all sellers involved in a conveyancing transaction to have their identity verified before settlement can occur. With electronic conveyancing becoming mandatory soon, all buyers will also need to be identified in addition to the sellers.

What is the VOI process?

The VOI process requires a face-to-face verification, which can be done at our offices at Vicki Philipoff Settlements, or at any Australia Post outlet. And for even more convenience, we have appointed ZipID as our “come to you” verification agent. You can book a verification of identity appointment at a time or place that suits you, such as your home or workplace.  A ZipID agent will come to you and complete the process in under 5 minutes. ZipID will then provide us with a secure and compliant report, confirming that your identity check has been successful.

To book an appointment, please visit www.zipid.com.au/book  

You will need to provide our Vicki Philipoff Settlements ZipID Business Code in order to proceed with the booking.

ZipID Business Code:  100422

What is required for a VOI?

When a seller is undergoing verification, they must provide original and up-to-date proof of their identity, for example a driver’s licence, birth certificate and/or passport.

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Being aware of these requirements helps sellers (and soon, buyers) to proceed with a smooth settlement.

For further information on the Verification of Identity Process, please visit: http://www0.landgate.wa.gov.au/for-individuals/property-ownership/fraud-protection/verification-of-identity